Social Responsibility

Whilst our aim is to produce the best guanábana products in the market, we know that we have an important social responsibility, which is why we place great value in improving the lives of all those in our community. Wether it’s running frequent training programs for our workers or helping local children to discover their passion for music through weekly lessons, the wellbeing of everyone under our wing remains at the very heart of our mission.

In our company we believe that a happy family makes for a happy worker. We encourage participation in ‘UNIMOS LAZOS’ promoting development in health, wellbeing and a broad spectrum of leisure activities.

Below are a few examples of activities and courses that we organised in the past few years:

Growing up within a family

“Having a place to go, is called home.

Having people to love is called family.

Having both is called blessing

Educating children

“I will be happy every time I see you act with wisdom and I will get excited whenever I hear you speak with kindness ”

Well-being at work